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    4 Top Trends in Bathroom Remodel Design 2018

    Breath New Life Into Your Home

    One common thread has been evident in all home design trends for 2018; homeowners are looking for ways to break from the mold and be unique in their styling. In the bathroom, they are relying on tech, tiles and bold accents to make their bath time more interesting.

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    Bathroom Remodeling in Prescott AZ

    Our bathroom remodel technician will meet with you to review your specific bathroom remodeling objectives. Whether it’s simply a new tub and walls or a complete bathroom remodel, we will walk you through the all the options available to create the remodeled bathroom of your dreams. And stay within your budget for a bathroom remodel done the RIGHT way!


    Create a relaxing retreat and an energizing space to start and end each day with the perfect bathroom remodel. From designing a luxurious master bath to updating a simple guest bathroom, our expert team can help you transform your outdated bathroom. Learn more!


    We offer bathroom remodeling the greater Prescott area including: Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt, Mayer, Cordes Junction, Paulden, and more.

    • Does your tub or shower have mold and mildew you can’t get rid of with cleaning alone?
    • Is your bathroom tile cracking or are there chips in your bathtub?
    • Is your shower grout moldy, dirty and unsightly?
    • Does your bathtub have stains and rust you just can’t get out?

    If the answer to any of these question is “yes”, then you need a new bathroom remodel.

    Bathroom remodeling consists more than simply replacing various fixtures in the bathroom. This usually involves a different design layout, relocation of existing fixtures or adding major new features such as a whirlpool, sauna, steam room, walk in shower, windows other than replacements or skylights. Most bathroom remodeling projects usually include some form of expansion. Thus walls and closets are taken out and moved for the new layout design.

    We Specialize in Fast & Affordable Bathroom Remodeling

    Our Bathroom remodelers in Prescott know what it takes to get the job done fast and affordably. We specialize in all different types of bathroom remodeling including:

    • Whole Bathroom Remodels
    • Tub & Shower Remodels
    • Tub to Shower Conversions
    • Safety Bathrooms
    • Walk-Thru Insert: Economic Tub to Shower
    • Shower Door Installation
    • Walk-In Tubs
    • Jetted Tubs
    • Vanities, Cabinets, Tile, Toilets, Accessories
    • Custom Ergonomic Made Bathrooms
    • Elderly, Handicap and ADA Accessible Baths
    • Bathtub Conversions For Seniors In Prescott AZ

    3 Step Bathroom Renovation:

    Prescott Bathroom Remodel now offers a new and better method for performing a bathroom renovation. We have a full-service approach which guarantees to make your bathroom remodel easier and more satisfying for you and your family.
    • Design Goal
    • Supply
    • Installation
    1) Bathroom Design Goal:

    Because of our process, our design is exceptional. From concept to completion, our highly competent and experienced Bathroom Remodeling Consultants will keep your project proceeding smoothly with the following steps:

    • Measurement: Our team will visit your home and measure the dimensions of your bathroom accurately.
    • Layout: Prescott Bathroom Remodel will conceptualize and design your bathroom layout which involves where your new cabinets, water technology, and backsplashes will go and map out the dimensions (how tall, wide, and deep). We will also implement unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied with your bathroom design. We consider all the customers needs including tub to shower conversions, installing elderly walk in tubs and easy access showers.
    • Selection of Finishes: Prescott Bathroom Remodel will guide you in coordinating all of your finishes so that your bathroom tile ideas, tub, bathroom vanities and water technology all complement each other beautifully. We carry decorative door knobs and other fancy bathroom accessories.
    • Budget Planning: Our Prescott Bathroom Remodel financial advisers will help you develop a budget and create a design within it to provide you with a bathroom renovation you can afford. Keep in mind, since Prescott Bathroom Remodel is a full service company, we’re also a supplier and contractor so we always keep a close eye on how much the project is costing. This gives us the freedom to spend within reason on what you really want. So whether your budget is large or small, Manhattan  bathroom remodeling dreams can become a reality when you work with Prescott Bathroom Remodel.

    2) Supply: From traditional design to the most modern styles, Prescott Bathroom Remodel has the largest selection of bathroom products and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a luxury bathroom design or just an update, Prescott Bathroom Remodel has something for you. We have a big selection and can replicate any bathroom design you may imagine, even something you’ve seen in a magazine or on the web.



    3) Installation: Our handymen go through the most difficult training processes available, so our bathroom remodeling team is comprised of the best contractors in Prescott Arizona. This makes us a great brand, superior in terms of quality, level of service, problem solving, project management, and warranties. Regardless of the challenges of bathroom remodeling Prescott AZ, you eliminate the risk you might find with other companies when you choose Bathroom Remodel as your service provider. Since we always strive for complete satisfaction, from gut renovation to an intimate bath design, working with Prescott Bathroom Remodel can guarantee that your bathroom renovation will meet or exceed your expectations.

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  • Common Bathroom Remodeling Questions

    Q&A for a Bathroom Remodel

    Q: How long will it take to remodel my bathroom?

    A: It will depend on the details of your design and the availability of materials and fixtures. Most bathroom remodels include removing the bath tub and/or shower plus replacing the toilet, vanity and flooring. If the bathroom remodel is more extensive, the entire room may be rearranged and/or enlarged involving concrete floor cutting, removing and rearranging walls and the ceiling.

    Q: Why is a tile shower so expensive to replace?

    A: Most people are surprised to find out how much it costs to replace a bathroom shower. The only thing more expensive is to replace a poorly installed shower that has failed shortly after it was installed. Before the shower tile is installed, there is a major amount of work that goes into ensuring that the new shower will stay watertight and drain properly for many years. Taking shortcuts, using inferior materials or workmanship will only lead to disaster and more costs down the road.

    Q: What type of tile can I use on my bathroom shower & floor?

    A: Traditionally, bath showers were built with ceramic tile made specifically for bathrooms and kitchen back-splashes. Today the choices are limitless. Bathrooms are being remodeled using numerous types of stone, ceramic, porcelain, metal and glass tile depending on the design’s style.
  • Bathroom Remodel Professionals

    The Best Prescott Bathroom Remodel Services


    Designing a luxury bathroom

    We will create a luxury bathroom design based on your vision.
    Your living space can be taken to a new level of comfort and class with an upscale bathroom remodeling. Designed by Prescott's most refined experts at Prescott Bathroom Remodel, your new luxurious bathroom can become the starting point for your elegant home, or be the final piece that completes your home lifestyle. Call for your free consultation to start designing an exclusive bathroom for your home today!


    Vanities, Sink, and Fixtures

    Prescott Bathroom Remodel has many high-end suppliers through which we can create your local luxury bathroom design. If you like the modern or the retro look, companies like Kohler and Delta have an endless selection of sinks and fixtures to help create the look you choose. With our wide selection of high-end products such as vanities, sinks, fixtures and more, as well as our original bathroom tile ideas, our home interior designers will assist you in planning a luxury bathroom design that you will love.


    Importance of Job Completion and Satisfaction

    Our team of expert bathroom remodel contractors will start transforming your space. Whether it’s demolition, plumbing, or installation, we aim to minimize any disruption to your home. Our team will clean up every day so your home still feels like a home and not a construction site. Our team includes all the necessary experts from plumbers to electricians so there’s no delay. At every step, we’ll review and inspect our work to ensure your bathroom is perfect. Whether it’s making sure grout in showers and floor tiles is perfect to ensure that your bathroom stays resistant to mold and decay or paying close attention to detail when laying tile, our team knows the devil is in the details.

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    We will work with you to set a date for our bathroom service techs to start and give you an estimated completion date of your bathroom remodel.

    Simplified Bathroom Remodel Process

    Once the design is finalized and remodeling begins, you can expect exceptional service throughout. We will:

    • Perform all necessary electrical, plumbing, and construction work with a team of highly trained and skilled craftsmen
    • Incorporate products specifically selected for your needs and budget, which can include spacious showers, luxurious tubs, warm lighting, stylish vanities, and much more
    • Keep you updated during the bathroom remodel process through weekly meetings and by providing you with access to our online portal, where you can review important information and see daily updates on your project

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